Exceptional Talent philosophy

Exceptional Talent wants your organisation to be successful. We believe that to do so, you have to function effectively and adaptively in a changing and challenging environment. What is the foundation for this? Operating on a foundation of intelligence, integrity and heart. 

Your organisation will prosper over the long term only if it creates a working environment where:

  • the intelligence of people is fostered,
  • integrity is demonstrated and seen to be valued, and
  • the humanity of people is acknowledged and respected.

If these qualities are encouraged in your organisation, and the right tools provided to support them, the talent of all people in the organisation will develop and be committed to your organisation’s goals. Your organisation can be exceptional.

Exceptional Talent recognises the importance of both systems and culture. We provide a targeted learning resource to help your leaders, managers and workers learn the skills they need to be effective. And we provide tailored support to your organisation to help create a culture that values talent development.

We will help you to establish a shared understanding of the principles required for your organisation to flourish, and help you to build the systems, the knowledge and the culture that reflect these principles and enable sustained success. 

Introducing our courses for Talent Strategists

Module 2: The key enablers of talent

This module looks at how to start building the success of your organisation around the talent that is within the organisation. Managing and developing talent, and seeing talent reflected in the performance of the organisation, involves establishing a variety of systems that work together cohesively. But before that there are three key enablers – leadership, culture, and business strategy. This module looks at how these key enablers can be harnessed to the development of talent.

Module 1: The talent concept

The Talent Strategist selection of courses is for leaders. It consists of five modules. This first module explains the concept of talent and what it means for organisational success and sustainability. It puts talent into the context of the current business environment, with its many challenges, and looks at the question of whether ‘talent’ means a select few in the organisation or the potential of all people to learn and be innovative and productive. The module discusses how to approach talent development in a way that is both ambitious and achievable, and which also connects with people’s real motivations.

The module is set out in lessons. It makes sense to go through the lessons in order. The last lesson contains a variety of components, including a short video overview of the course, cases, additional resources and tools for applying the ideas in your organisation.