Coaching and mentoring

There need to be several elements in a successful talent strategy, and the different elements all have to work together to form an integrated system. At Exceptional Talent we understand systems, and our talent framework is based on this idea that the elements have to work together and complement each other.

Coaching and mentoring have an important place in an overall talent development program. You have to be able to recognise the people who need a high investment in training and development, and you have to provide the means for enabling people to learn, and the Learning Hub will give you an active body of knowledge to support you in this area.

But people then have to take their learning on board and put it into practice, and this is where obstacles and setbacks often occur. Coaching and mentoring can come into play at this point, and help to support and guide your people to implement and consolidate their learning. Coaches and mentors can give people the insights to see how to apply what they have learned, and to build their confidence.

Various studies have shown that personal coaching or mentoring can increase the improvements from training and development programs dramatically. It makes sense. We have all had the experience of having a supportive person by our side at a critical time in our growth, and we know the difference it can make. A coach or mentor can give us that particular guidance we need, and the value of a different perspective on ourselves, to move us constructively through times of change.

Exceptional Talent coaching and mentoring

We have a long history in coaching and mentoring services, and we can provide you with coaches and mentors as needed to augment the learning we offer through the Learning Hub, or we can help you to find suitable coaches and mentors.

“Do I need a coach or do I need a mentor?”

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