Beyond cynicism: people are our greatest asset

If you had a factory full of machinery, your business still would not make a profit. What’s missing? People. So there is an essential truth about the statement “People are our greatest asset”. But if you reduce the importance of the people factor, that would reduce your dependence on people, which is what Henry Ford […]

Fit for purpose: Selecting coaches

Ultimately, the most important factor in selecting a coach is the coach’s track record and his/her ability to establish the kind of relationship with the client that helps achieve results.  Consider who the coaching is for. In some instances, the person is a leader who needs a coach who can discuss business and professional goals […]

Setting up coaching for success

Executive, business and professional coaching have evolved quickly over the years. It’s important to consider the type of coach and the approach that’s most appropriate for you or your managers, given the results you want to achieve. Finding the right coach can give you and your organisation the edge you need to succeed. The new […]