Our unique approach

How does Exceptional Talent differ from other consultancies and knowledge solution providers?

1. We believe that information is not neutral.

You need to have a stance towards the information, and a way of interpreting it. Your values and mental models (beliefs, biases, social and cultural norms) affect how you see information, and what use you make of it. Exceptional Talent understands this and works to develop your awareness of values and mental models. We don’t just provide you with more information; we help you to interpret it.

2. Information is not a solution in itself.

You have to think about how it applies to your context; then it becomes useful knowledge. We provide you with tools to test the information we present against your situation, so you can ask the right questions, and apply your new knowledge appropriately, not blindly. Then you will have the best chance of acting effectively.

3. Information must be based on research and practice.

Some solution providers will offer you a package of information and expect you to take it all on trust. They might give you steps to follow, but they don’t say why these are the right steps. Are the steps based on a broad knowledge of the research and the literature, and extensive experience? Our work is based on decades of experience in a variety of business contexts, combined with an extensive knowledge of the contemporary literature and research. Above all, we have developed a business perspective that reflects the qualities of intelligence, integrity and heart.

4. Information has to be complemented by appropriate support.

For constructive, positive change to happen, information has to be accompanied by personal insight and translated into change, and this has to be supported by practice and by the environment. Initiatives such as coaching and mentoring can help to clarify the direction of change and consolidate new perspectives and skills until they become strengths.