The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is a web-based learning environment that provides key knowledge and insights that will enable your leaders and managers to establish the systems, programs and culture that grow your organisation’s success. Your success relies on the capability and commitment (the talent) of the people in your organisation, and today this means continual adaptation and learning, resilience, and a working climate where people share their understanding.

Exceptional Talent knows that you need two things – a comprehensive and reliable source of knowledge, and a program to change your culture so that learning is built into work, and people support each other to implement their learning. The Learning Hub provides you with the learning resource, and we also provide you with the support to work on shifting your organisation’s culture.

Hear about the Learning Hub with our video.

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What will you find in the Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is made up of a series of learning modules, grouped into three tiers. Each tier is geared towards the needs of specific audiences in your organisation.

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The content of the modules

Each module contains material that involves 1-2 hours’ work (plus further reading and personal ‘processing’ time). The modules also offer ways for users to get a quick overview of the content and to access practical tools. This is how the modules are structured:

  • Introduction followed by content structured in “lessons”
  • Key concepts and models
  • Tools – worksheets, self-assessments, organisational audits etc
  • Examples – case studies, articles
  • References and resources – useful books, articles, links

 Tip for getting the most value from the modules

We live in an information-soaked world, and it’s important to filter the information you spend time reading and digesting. Exceptional Talent offers you a different perspective. We don’t just tell you steps to follow, we offer leaders, managers and workers a deeper understanding of how people operate, individually and together. Rather than being filled with more information, you will gain deeper insights and a greater capability to work intelligently and constructively.

Learning Hub topics

Find out more about the topics we are planning for the Learning Hub…..Learning_Hub_description